Rafael Montilla

There are two things in life that I have been attracted to since I was very young, once of them is Art and the other one is learning and comprehending about my inner self.
Time has passed, and even though I have not dedicated all my time to Art, I have applied in life one of many wonderful things I learned from my oil painting mentor Lucio Rivas, who used to tell me, if you do not have the time to produce Art, the least you can do is develop it in your mind, the time will come when you will be able to fulfill doing so.

I was able to discover my inner search, and during that discovery, I had the opportunity to travel around the world, to experiment and learn from different cultures, which have nourished my soul, that has been a blessing. The moment to fulfill my passion for Art has arrived. The time is now perfect, to share everything I have created in my mind though photography.

With my friend, my companion, yes, “My camera”, together we will seek that special moment in time, the magical place, and express the feelings. I want you to be part of all these experiences, which involve me and others.

Maria Luisa, my beloved grandmother used to say, “God has more to give to us, than we to ask him for”, and she was so right, it is true, God has given us Mother Nature. I am grateful and pleased to brighten the eyes and the spirit of people through photography.

When I take a photo, all my senses become one, and the moment becomes sublime, yes, I stop breathing for a few seconds, then I am ready to capture the moment which ends up being part of me, my reflection, my essence.

To me, Photography is synonymous of lived experiences. Enjoy I Love Miami.

“The mind is an excellent tool for our life, which can become our worst enemy, if you allow it. You are the ventriloquist and the mind is your doll.”