Rafael Montilla

Since I remember I have given importance to two things, internal seeking and art, I have developed my life around them.
My desire is to show my inner quest experience. All my work is rooted on Geometry & Mandalas, specifically on the flower of life & Metatron’s Cube. Mandalas like numerology exist in all religions. The basis of my proposals is spiritual. On this internal search, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and thus experiment and learn from the richness of different culture, which has nourished my soul. New experiences, mine, and others what I manifest through my artwork.
Maria Luisa, my beloved grandmother used to say, “God has more to give to us than we to ask him for”, and she was so right, it is true, God has given us Mother Nature. I am grateful and pleased to brighten the eyes and the spirit of people through my artwork.


“The mind is an excellent tool for our life, which can become our worst enemy, if you allow it. You are the ventriloquist and the mind is your doll.”